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The consumer unit is often known as a fuse box, fuse board or distribution board. The fuse box is a crucial component of your home's electrical system. It distributes electricity to various circuits in your home. In this guide, we will cover the importance of a new fuse board and everything you will need to know.

Why Upgrade Your Consumer Unit? ⚡

  1. Enhanced Safety: Older fuse boards offer very little protection compared to today's modern technology. New fuse boxes offer protection against electric shocks, fires and surges, giving you peace of mind that your home is electrically safe.
  2. Compliance with regulations: Electrical regulations are forever changing over time and old consumer units may not meet current regulations, such as the 18th edition wiring regulations.
  3. Increased Capacity: Older consumer units usually do not have the capacity to handle modern electrical demands. Upgrading to a bigger fuse board will allow for additional circuits and accommodating new appliances.
  4. You are improving your home: If you are adding an extension, a loft conversion or any other significant improvements, upgrading your fuse box is often necessary to supply the increased loads and ensure safety.

Important Considerations for Consumer Unit Upgrades

  1. Hire a Registered Electrician: Upgrading your consumer unit should always be carried out by a registered electrician. This ensures the work meets the required standards and safety.
  2. Full electrical inspection: A competent electrician will want to fully test your electrics prior to ensuring your current wiring does not trip out the new consumer unit. Due to your old fuse box not offering much protection, underlying faults could be present without you knowing otherwise.
  3. Notification to Building Control: Fuse board upgrades need to be notified to building control, a registered electrician will be able to handle this.
  4. Future proofing: When upgrading your fuse box, always think about potential electrical needs. Installing spare ways in your consumer unit allows for future expansion if required later.

Upgrading your consumer unit is a must in ensuring electrical safety. By employing a registered electrician, you can enjoy additional peace of mind and a safer electrical system. 

Remember to always get two certificates upon completion: A building control notification and an Electrical Installation certificate. 

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