• All work will be completed by a fully qualified, registered, insured and time served electrician. 
  • All work carried out will comply with the latest electrical regulations that are in force at the time of the works.
  • All work will be tested and certified once completed - With the certificates that will be issued they will satisfy local authority building control, your insurers, estate/letting agents, solicitors, other electricians and any other interested parties now or in the future. 

Assumptions & observations (Generic):

  • We will provide Materials and Labour unless stated otherwise.
  • We do not plaster, fill or paint anything after we have finished our work.
  • Accessories that I supply will be normal white plastic unless specified otherwise.
  • Accessories will be installed in compliance with part M of the building regulations which require sockets and switches to be installed at appropriate heights between 450 mm and 1200 mm from finished floor level, unless otherwise requested.
  • You have got Gas & Water bonding already installed where necessary.
  • It is assumed the existing electrical installation is fault free and that no remedial work is required before modifications can be made. If faults or issues are uncovered at any time in the installation work then you will be made aware of the problem and of your options. Any remedial work necessary to allow us to do our work and provide a certification of the installation will incur additional costs.
  • Basic sweeping and vacuuming will be carried out once our work has been completed but additional wiping down and possibly vacuuming again may be needed once we have left.
  • It is assumed that all furniture is removed from working areas before work commences. Time taken for moving furniture has not been accounted for in our quote/estimate and we will not be responsible for any damage to furniture and/or decor that is in our working area which we have to move. Should it not be possible or practical to move furniture or obstructions due to fragility, amount, weight, security of fixings or any other factors then it may become necessary to postpone or abandon the proposed scope of work without notice.
  • It is recommended that your electrical work is booked in for a time other trades are not present. With other trades present it may take us longer to complete our work than we had originally priced for.
  • Where parts or materials haven’t been supplied by Allman Electrical Services please open the packaging and inspect them for missing parts or carriage damage, we cannot be held responsible for items that have not been inspected and subsequently show signs of damage or missing parts upon unpacking.
  • Where the original scope of work changes or isn’t feasible, the scope of work will need to be changed which may affect the final invoice cost.
  • Whilst undertaking work, we may need to plug into your sockets to charge batteries.
  • The job duration may increase / decrease due to different circumstances and we would hope you would be able to accommodate this.
  • Hand washing and lavatorial facilities are assumed to be available on site.
  • Equipment/assets belonging to Allman Electrical Services including but not limited to, portable lighting, extension leads, power banks, ladders that have been left on site for the benefit of third parties such as other trades or the client are required to be returned complete, operational, intact and in no worse condition then when it was supplied. Missing or damaged items of equipment may be charged for. 

Assumptions and observations (only apply to certain jobs):

  • All downlights installed will be fire-rated (and IP rated if necessary), LED GU10 cool white or warm white lamps with either white or brushed/polished chrome bezels.
  • New accessories may not match the footprint of old, resulting in the need for painting or other decorative finishing being required which is outside of our scope of works.
  • Removing existing accessories can sometimes cause damage to the wall/ceiling due to it being previously painted, caulked or plastered in. We can not be held responsible for this damage.
  • To run new cables underneath the floorboards we will need to first lift carpet to access floorboards. Often carpet does not go back down in a flat, even way. You may wish to employ a professional flooring service once we have completed which is out of our scope of work.
  • It is assumed that you do have floorboards rather than chipboard or ply-board.
  • Where a new socket is going to be installed fed from an existing accessory, it is assumed that the existing accessory is up to regulations and is not already a spur off another socket. Otherwise additional fusing may have to be installed with associated costs which we have not factored into this scope of work.
  • Where attic access is required it is assumed there is suitable room to move, the attic is not full of items, there are no vermin, the cables are accessible and the floor has not been boarded. Where this is not the case, additional time may be required to work around such issues and therefore may incur an additional charge.
  • Every effort will be made to minimise dust however sensitive or valuable items should be removed from the working area or covered by the client to their own satisfaction before work commences. Drilling and / or chasing of walls and ceilings creates a lot of dust and debris. The person ordering the work should take this into account and clear and / or cover the items in the room when this type of work is being carried out. We will not be responsible for decor covered in dust or debris. 

Payment terms:

  • Payment is taken via a card reader or cash upon completion of work unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  • Where payment is made with cash, there are no discounts. Where payment is made via a card reader, there are no surcharges added.
  • EICR’s or work which a certificate is provided for - Certificates are provided after the balance has been paid in full.
  • Larger projects will require 50% upfront deposit and the remaining balance upon completion before certificates are provided.
  • Any invoice exceeding our payment terms will be referred to a dept collection agency namely Beaumont Recoveries Ltd and you will at this point become liable to cover the collection costs incurred. These charges will be pursued through court and further charges may apply.
  • If an engineer arrives at site and can’t gain access to the area they are required to work in and/or access to the consumer unit this will result in an £85 charge and the job will need to be re-booked. When re-booking the job a 50% deposit will be required.
  • All materials including accessories, cable, fixtures, fittings and any other components remain the property of Allman Electrical Services until full and final payment is made.
  • Parking charges where applicable will be added to the final invoice. 


  • At any point when we are working we may need to turn the power off without notice. This should be taken into account by the person ordering the work so necessary arrangements are in place. Turning off the power will result in internet connections, lighting and sockets not working. We will not leave you overnight without electricity (if we have turned it off) unless we have informed you otherwise.
  • We may be very noisy while working with having to drill holes, chase walls and lift floor boards. If you have small children or pets please be aware of this and make necessary arrangements.
  • Flooring may need to be lifted to provide access to run new cables. Walls and ceilings may need to be chased out or holes made in them to run cables also. We do not fill, plaster or paint after we have completed. 

Waste disposal:

  • We will bag/box up any rubbish that has been created from our work.
  • If required we can remove any rubbish that we have bagged up from our work for an additional cost which will be on our quote/estimate. Otherwise we can leave the rubbish for the client to dispose of. 

Liability & warranties:

  • All work comes with Napit 6 year guarantee from date of completion. Materials that we supply will come with 1 year manufacturer's guarantee from the date of purchase unless manufactures have stated otherwise. No guarantee is offered with materials we haven’t supplied. 


Allman Electrical Services will respect your property as if it was our own but on the odd occasion and due to a number of reasons, for example age of your property and the type of work being carried out. It is possible that some damage may be inevitable, i.e cracking or breaking of floodboards, carpets not refitting tightly. We will not be held responsible for repairs to damage.


Cancellations up to 2 days before work commences will result in an £85 fee. - If work has already commenced, you will only be invoiced for the materials used + any return fees of any remaining materials + labour charge of work carried out + labour charge of returning materials.

Complaints procedure:

  1. Informal resolution: In the unlikely event you ever do have a complaint about the work carried out by us, you should first try to resolve the issue by speaking to us directly. Explain the problem and give us an opportunity to put it right. 
  2. Formal complaint: If you are unable to resolve this issue informally, or if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can make a formal complaint to us in writing. You should include your job reference, name, address, contact number and a detailed description of the problem, and any supporting evidence. This should be sent to This complaint will be acknowledged within 10 working days of us receiving it. You will receive an email back outlining the steps we will take to investigate the issue.
  3. Investigation: We will thoroughly investigate your complaint and keep you informed on progress.
  4. Resolution: Once the investigation is complete, we will provide you with a written response to your complaint. This will include our findings and any actions taken to address the issue.
  5. Further steps: If you are still dissatisfied with the response provided from us, you can escalate your complaint further to NAPIT. NAPIT will investigate your complaint and take appropriate action if necessary.