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A comprehensive guide to installing an EV charger in Bromsgrove & Redditch.

Popularity of electric vehicles is growing rapidly, therefore having a convenient and efficient charging solution at home has become increasingly important. Installing an EV charger at your home not only provides you with the convenience of changing your vehicle but also contributes to a greener and sustainable future for transport. In this guide we will walk through the process of installing an EV charger in Droitwich and Worcester, ensuring a smooth experience.

Determine your charging requirements

Before anything, it is crucial to assess your charging needs. Consider the following:

  • The type of Electric Vehicle you own.
  • The battery capacity.
  • Your daily driving habits. 

After considering these few points you will be able to determine the charging speed required and the appropriate charger to install.

Choosing the right EV charger

The 3 types of chargers:

🚗 Slow chargers: Up to 3 kW - These chargers are commonly known as “granny chargers” and are plugged into a normal wall socket.

🚗 Fast chargers: 7-22 kW - This is the most common EV charger for a house. Providing faster charge times than the slow chargers.

🚗 Rapid chargers: 50 kW and above - Offer the fastest charging speeds. These are not normally installed in a domestic setting. You normally find these at service stations.

Choosing the location

In an ideal world it should be as close to your parking space as possible, making it easily accessible and enough space for the charging unit and cable.

Assessing if you can have an EV charger installed

Before installation, your registered electrician will send off an application to your local DNO to apply to add an EV charger to their network. These applications can get declined! Another thing your qualified electrician will need to do prior is to assess if your consumer unit (fuse box) can accommodate the additional load, in some cases you may need to upgrade your consumer unit or install a separate fuse board dedicated for the charger.

Contact a compliant installer

This is very important, you must find a registered installer to ensure safety and compliance. At Allman Electrical Services we are registered with multiple recognized schemes, namely, OZEV and Nappit. The installer needs to be registered to apple for grants and registered the EV charger with your energy company.

Installation Process

Once your installer has obtained confirmation from your local DNO, the installation can begin. Your electrician will install your EV charger, connect it into your electric supply and then fully test the installation for functionality and safety. They will also set up the mobile application on your handset device too.

Post-Installation Considerations

Get familiar with the EV chargers operation and maintenance requirements, any questions you may have, your electrician will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Inspect your charger regularly for any damage, signs of wear.

Getting an EV charger installed on your home is not only convenient but is eco-friendly. Make sure to assess your requirements, selecting the right charger and employing a registered electrician. Also taking advantage of any available grants. Prioritise safety and compliance when dealing with your electrics at home, always consult experts.

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