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Rewiring your Bromsgrove home

Rewiring your house is a significant job that greatly improves the safety, functionality and energy efficiency of your home. There are a number of reasons you would rewire your home including having an outdated electrical system, experiencing electrical issues or wanting a great number of additional sockets and switches installed.

Rewiring your home is a worthwhile investment, below we will explore the process, benefits and considerations involved in a full rewire or a part rewire.

Before approaching a rewiring project, it is important to know whether you actually need a rewire to prevent you spending money unnecessarily. Signs that may indicate the need for a rewire include frequent tripping issues, flickering lights, a lot of DIY work or green goo visible on cables or on electrical accessories. If you are unsure whether you need a rewire you can always ask your local electrician to carry out a full electrical inspection. A full electrical inspection will outline any faults with your electrical installation, in order to see if you need a rewire or only need a few small jobs carried out to improve safety in your home.

Planning a rewire 🏡

Proper planning is essential for a successful house rewire. You need to consider your budget, timeline and the number of sockets, lights and switches you’d like in each room. Remember if you are living in the property the cost of the rewire may increase due to increased time having to move furniture, put floorboards back down and completely cleaning up after each day which adds a lot of hours onto the whole job, many of our customers decide to carry out a rewire before they move in or moving out for the week until the rewire has been completed. Contacting a registered electrician is a must to ensure compliance and safety. This also ensures you will receive all of the relevant paperwork and certificates upon completion.

Rewiring your house involves replacing old cables, sockets, switches, light fixtures and consumer unit. The process is very disruptive and causes a lot of noise and dust/debris. Due to having to chase out walls, cut holes in ceilings, lift up flooring and floor boards.

This is the perfect opportunity to improve energy efficiency. Install LED lighting, motion sensors and programmable thermostats to reduce energy consumption.

After the full rewire, you may choose to not move back in straight away, it will be worth waiting a few days for all of the dust to settle and giving it a thorough clean.

Rewiring your home is a big job that brings many benefits, improved safety, reliability and increase in house value. Be sure you are contacting a registered electrician. Proper planning is essential. You can be sure rewiring your home enhances functionality and value of your home for many years to come. Remember, safety is top priority, so never hesitate to ask experts when dealing with your home electrics. 

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